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Northwest Yachts

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24 Şubat 2024 - 14:40

Northwest Yachts

Northwest Yachts: A Success Story in the Maritime World

A success story in the maritime world, Northwest Yachts has a history of passion, determination and innovation. The origins of the company begin with Jan and I’s end-of-season trip to Desolation Sound in 2001. This journey we made with the sailboat Integrity caused us to open a new door in the maritime world.

The harsh weather conditions and lack of comfort we experienced during our journey gave us the opportunity to question our maritime experience. This inquiry began with the idea of traveling on a trawler and eventually formed the foundations of Northwest Yachts.

At first, we knew very little about trawlers and the idea seemed like an unusual choice in the maritime world. However, we did not lose our excitement and determination and started researching to add a new trawl line. Our search culminated when we came across a Chinese builder looking for a US dealer. In a few weeks we flew to Hong Kong and visited the shipyard in Shekou, China. This builder was an experienced expert who had built over 550 trawlers.

Despite language and cultural differences, the agreement was signed and the first trawler was ordered. This was the beginning of a new era in the maritime world and we were filled with excitement. With Jon Allsop joining our sales team, we started working on a new trawl design. With the help of Seattle-area yacht designer John Anderson, we created our first design, the Integrity 496.

However, after four years and seven boats invested in our project, the shipyard was sold. At this point, we decided to build the next generation of trawlers in the USA and formed a new company, Northwest Yachts. Since our establishment, we have focused on producing quality and reliable boats in the maritime world.

With Steve Seaton’s involvement and experience, we continued to develop our product range. We continue to be a prominent brand in the maritime world with our passion and determination for what we do. Northwest Yachts will remain a leader in the maritime world in the future and will continue to offer unforgettable maritime experiences to its customers.

Northwest Yachts continues to write a success story at sea.

This article is designed to convey to readers the pioneering position of Northwest Yachts in the maritime world by highlighting its achievements and founding story.

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