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10 Şubat 2024 - 20:29


Camuffo: Stradivariuses of the Sea

Combining the fascinating atmosphere of Venice with the solid experience of the world’s oldest shipyard, Camuffo offers masterpieces of the highest quality, appreciated by experts. In the words of Swiss watchmakers, these vessels cannot simply be owned, but are entrusted and handed over with admiration, like works of art created by human genius.

Each Camuffo vessel is built with thousands of hours of craftsmanship using the most precious wood species, from the extraordinary Iroko keel to the incredibly hardened laminate hull and the finest interior polished walnut. Each piece is made to the strictest safety standards and can sail safely in sea and wind conditions.

Shipyard production was never standardized, instead there was an ongoing evolution of prototypes that differed depending on the motorization and length of each ship. But Marco Camuffo has managed to make improvements even with his latest creations and has become a unique, absolute work of art with an unrivaled deep V bottom.

The shipyard is located on the banks of the Lèmene river, where ships sail, and everything here is produced using the same technique as the hull. For example, small details such as the rear roll-bar used to support the electronic and acoustic equipment are indicative of an extremely high level of craftsmanship.

Camuffo ships are personalized according to customers’ wishes and needs. Every detail on the ship is carefully selected and implemented to improve the quality of life. This customization covers everything from the motorization of the ship to accessories and is presented in the highest quality and uniqueness.

The motorization used on Camuffo ships is the best on the market and provides maximum safety and tranquility. All these features are offered at a surprising price, like a Stradivarius at a Yamaha price.

Camuffo’s uniqueness is combined with uncompromising and obsession in the choice of materials. Led by Marco Camuffo, the team works diligently to build each ship like a jewel of the highest quality and uniqueness. The unique atmosphere felt while boarding these ships is only possible by understanding what these jewels of the sea mean.

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