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A New Era in Maritime: Adramis Maritime

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10 Ocak 2024 - 20:38

A New Era in Maritime: Adramis Maritime

A New Era in Maritime: Strong Collaboration of Adramis Maritime and

Adramis Maritime, the maritime giant operating in the Northern Aegean region, is coming with a strategic cooperation that will leave its mark on the sector. Thanks to the strategic agreement signed with, the company is preparing to make an ambitious entry into 2024 with its 10-meter fiber motor yachts manufactured in Antalya.

Adramis Shipping, led by Mr. Namık and Levent, has a strong position in the sector and

By combining with‘s wide sales network, it begins a new era in the maritime world. Motoryachts produced in Antalya attract attention with their superior technical features and stylish designs, which will make 2024 unforgettable for maritime enthusiasts.

This strong collaboration stands out not only with its product quality, but also with the brand new opportunities it will bring to the sector. The company, led by Adramis Maritime, will be integrated into’s wide sales network and will increase its interaction in the sector by providing wider access to maritime enthusiasts.

Continuing its activities in the Northern Aegean region, Adramis Maritime is preparing to offer an exciting opportunity to sea enthusiasts. As a result of their collaboration with, the company’s officials, Mr. Namik and Mr. Levent, are breaking new ground in the maritime world with the 10-meter fiberglass motoryacht manufactured in Antalya.

Adramis Maritime, which is preparing to enter 2024 like a bomb, is integrated into’s wide sales network thanks to this important cooperation.

This revolutionary step by Adramis Shipping is not limited to just a wide sales network. At the same time, the company aims to offer an affordable and high-quality alternative to the maritime world by adopting the strategy of manufacturing companies to launch at below-market prices. This will make motor yachts, which are the dreams of maritime enthusiasts, more accessible and will bring a new breath to the industry.

The motoryachts offered by Adramis Maritime attract attention not only with their superior technical features and stylish designs, but also with their earning opportunities of up to 100%. The company aims to reach large audiences through the sales points and sites it cooperates with, thus offering a great earning potential to its business partners.

As Boats Group, we are a company that offers a global marketplace with and also has a strong position in the world maritime industry with 35 e-magazines, 40 brands and 50 web news sites. This strong partnership enables Adramis Shipping to make its name known in the global maritime world by introducing its brand new motor yachts to a wide audience.

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